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How to install a font ?

Extract the files you have downloaded

• Windows 10/8/7/Vista: Right-click on the font files, "Install"

• Windows XP: Put the font files into C:\Windows\Fonts

• Mac OS X: Double-click the font file, "Install font"

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Download Free Font and Convey your Message in More Influential Way

We can t overestimate the importance of fonts download for free in design. It is undoubtedly fact that accuracy, exactness as well as perfect balance of geometric forms can definitely give letters sharpness and elegance that they actually deserve. However, these typrface fonts are helpful to convey messages in a more convenient way. Despite of the fact there are several excellent professional fonts, one can download fonts for free which you actually require for your design. Over the past few years, the typo designers and their works have collected high quality fonts and enable the users to download cool fonts both for their personal or commercial projects.

However, most of the computer user may think that these fonts magically appear out of nowhere. All these best fonts are pre-installed on every computer, bundled with software and are being offered by thousands of free font website. As we all know that typefaces are creative works and hence, are merely the physical manifestation of the creations of professional fonts.

As we already are aware with the fact that fonts play vital role in every web project and selecting them is undoubtedly a difficult task for a web designer if his understanding of typeface fonts is low. The font that you choose in order to display text is as important as the voice you use to speak. The prime purpose of type is not only to make it readable, but, to convey information that need to be remembered.

It is however seen that we spend very little time considering the font that we generally use to communicate our messages. This is because we generally get stick with the few fonts fownload for free that are however provided by our word processor. Have you ever imagined a world where everyone sounds same and everyone voice had same tones and inflections. However, it becomes monotonous computerized voices. These fonts however are not free. Even those that are free fonts available on your computer are licensed by computer manufacturer, which you are generally paying in the form of computer cost. However, there are thousands of free fonts on the web. The site has more than a thousand fonts to choose from as well as hundreds of clean sans serif and serif fonts.

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